Thirty Years, Old Friends, Elvis, And “The Train,” Too

Wayne Hancock and his current trio, live at the Kraus Amphitheater

Kish and I were happy to join in last night’s celebration of the 30th wedding anniversary of our friends Ken and LuAnn. And what a celebration it was!  Friends like Scott, Pat, and Theiser came in from all over.  LuAnn ironed her normally kinky hair to glass-like flatness.  Ken wore his baggy green Vegas jacket.  A good-humored Elvis presided over Ken and LuAnn’s renewal of their vows with Annie and Ben standing as witness.  And, Wayne “The Train” Hancock and his three-man band rocked the house afterward.  Ken and LuAnn are wonderful people and a wonderful couple, and I think it is fair to say that their 30th anniversary was almost as memorable as their original wedding.

A word, though, about my old roomie’s decision to hire Wayne Hancock to entertain us with some excellent rockabilly.  If you like music — and I do — there is nothing like seeing professional musicians perform live.  And when you can stand three feet from them, watch them ply their trade in a suburban rec room, be amazed at the sheer sound a slapped and plucked stand-up bass, a furiously strummed rhythm guitar, an expertly picked electric guitar, and human voices can create, and then talk to them afterward . . . well, it just can’t get any better than that.  Amazingly, Wayne Hancock said that it was only the third gig he was playing with his current band mates.  You would never have guessed.  “The Train” and his fellow band members played some of his excellent compositions like Doghouse Blues, took requests like Route 66, and kicked some serious ass to the delight of all the partygoers.

I’d never heard Wayne Hancock play before, and he and his band members were fantastic.  Fortunately, he can be found on Youtube, so I can share his music with Webnerhouse readers:

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