The Leaves Begin To Turn

Kish and I took Penny on our early morning walk this Labor Day, 2010.  The weather has grown a bit cooler, and last night we slept with windows open and enjoyed the fresh air.  This morning the temperature was probably in the 50s as we strolled along beneath overcast skies.

As we walked, I noticed that the leaves on many of the trees are just starting to turn.  The bright green is beginning to leach from the leaves on the many trees lining Ogden Woods Boulevard.  The phenomenon gives the leaves a curious two-tone, skeletal appearance.  The tree at the northwest corner of our house, on the other hand, already is dotted with bright yellow leaves, and in some places you see leaves on the ground.

September is among the most beautiful months in central Ohio.  The weather tends to be warm, dry, and clear during the day, with cool evenings, and the turning leaves add bright flashes of red and yellow to accent the green surroundings.  Soon we will be heading into sweater weather.

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