The New Albany Walking Classic

Today was the sixth annual New Albany Walking Classic.  It looked like the event had a big crowd.  I would know, because the course runs right past our neighborhood and winds around the golf course, where I spend my Sundays in futile desperation, hoping to get a favorable nod from the Golf Gods — and this year the Golf Gods have been filled with outright fury and harsh retribution about my pathetic excuse for a golf game.

The New Albany Walking Classic is a nice event that helps make New Albany a fine place to live.  I’m a walker, and I’m all for encouraging people to walk more.  Still, I think there are kinks to be worked out.  Our neighborhood, North of Woods, always is penned in by these events.  If you try to engage in some normal weekend suburban act — like driving your car — while the event is underway you are either blocked entirely or subjected to angry glances from participants as you try to navigate on what are supposed to be public roads.

Today the Classic started at 9 a.m., so I left home to drive to the New Albany Country Club at 8:50, even though my tee time wasn’t until 10:10.  I wanted to leave plenty of time to spare. Although I made it out of my neighborhood okay, I was blocked at one point by an earnest Boy Scout troop leader who tried to prevent me from driving to the golf club even though there was no walker within miles.  After I made it to the golf course they sent us off on the east nine, which required us to move through the teeth of the walkers and then play past some acid rock guitar group that was playing heavy metal at ear-splitting volume.  I’m sure the music helped motivate the walkers, but how about some consideration for the golfers — or for that matter, for the neighbors who would like to spend a quiet Sunday morning in their backyards?

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