No Blunders Expected — And No Specifics, Either

The Dispatch has a story about tonight’s debate between Democratic Governor Ted Strickland and Republican challenger John Kasich.  The piece quotes analysts and political scientists as saying that it is unlikely that either candidate will commit a rhetorical blunder — although they caution that Kasich needs to avoid coming across like a “smart-aleck.”  The pundits also predict that the candidates will likely try to avoid giving any specifics on what they would do to close Ohio’s projected $8 billion budget deficit.

Traditionally, politicians don’t want to commit to a particular course of action, so that isn’t a very risky prediction.  However, I wonder whether in this climate the normal vague responses and promises of secret plans to solve problems will really appeal to anyone.  Bland assurances haven’t served us well in the past.  I’d like to hear a real plan, with real specifics, not more pablum, and I think other voters also share that perspective.

The one-hour debate airs at 8 p.m. tonight.

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