Curious George

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I heard on television last night that the Small Business Jobs Act is hopefully going to pass through the Senate within the next few days with the help of George Voinovich – Ohio’s Republican Senator. This link gives you the full text of his floor speech and his thought process.

I have a good friend and a family member that both run a small business and have heard first hand the problems that they are currently experiencing qualifying for additional capital and the high interest rates they have to pay banks for the capital if they do qualify.

The looming problem as I see it is our legislative branch of government is mostly likely going to become more polarized after the November elections which means there will be fewer senators like Voinovich that are willing to compromise in order to get important legislation passed.

 I’ve not heard the reason why George isn’t running for another term, but I definitely would have voted for him to serve another term if he had decided to run again.

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