It’s All About Me

This primary season has seen a number of establishment Republicans lose to “Tea Party” upstarts.  Some of those losing candidates have reacted with class, some have reacted with petulance, and still others have simply refused to accept the will of the voters.  Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the latest to fall into the last category.  Having lost in the Republican primary to challenger Joe Miller, she has now announced that she will run as a write-in candidate.

Murkowski, of course, couches her decision as some kind of noble personal sacrifice.  She says she is listening to the “will of the constituency” and feels a “responsibility” because she has heard an “outpouring of support and concern — concern about the future of the state of Alaska and our representation here in the Senate.”  Does anyone in Alaska actually buy such absurd spin?  We all know the real reason Murkowski has made her decision:  she wants to keep her cushy job and has an inflated sense of her own capabilities.   When your senatorial days are spent listening to the whispered blandishments of lobbyists and toadying supporters, I suppose that kind of reaction is inevitable.  But what has Murkowski actually done in her eight years in the Senate?  Read her bio information on her website and see for yourself whether she has a record of such stunning legislative accomplishment that her return to the Senate is crucially important for Alaska.

Of course, voters in Murkowski’s own party have already had the opportunity to decide whether her return to the Senate is essential — and obviously they decided it wasn’t.  Murkowski is simply too selfish to accept that legitimate decision.  Her decision in that regard is just another affirmation of the out-of-control egotism and unresponsiveness of so many of our elected representatives.  I hope Alaska voters recognize that and send her a message she cannot ignore come November.

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