Make Room For Ducks

The neighborhood duck gang, on the lookout for food this morning

The earthbound ducks that patrol our neighborhood have had a successful summer.  A brood of ducklings was successfully hatched and reared, and our brace of ducks (as opposed to a gaggle of geese, a clutch of chickens, or a covey of quail) now numbers eight individuals.

According to our neighbors, the ducks spend the night in a shallow depression behind a nearby home.  When morning comes, they are on the prowl, looking for food.  When I see their little band on my morning walk, they quack quietly, making a comical noise that sounds like the duck equivalent of the background murmurs of an expectant crowd before a performance.

Whatever the ducks have been doing, it seems to be agreeing with them, as they have fattened up considerably.  Will these ducks head south for the winter?  If so, will they get off their considerable feathered duffs and fly, or will they just waddle into the sunset, quacking all the while?

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