“Guard The Change”

One of President Obama’s new themes is “Guard the Change”:  that is, protect the policy initiatives that have occurred during his first two years in office and shield them from encroachments by Republicans.

I’m sure this theme, like everything else in politics, has been focus group-tested — but doesn’t “guard the change” seems like an odd motto to use during an economic recession when so many people are scrimping and saving?  It conjures up images of Scrooge McDuck or some other miserly figure, rubbing his hands together, zealously standing watch over a jar of nickels, dimes and quarters and hoping to keep the Beagle Boys from getting their mitts on the coins.  “Guard the change” seems paranoid, defensive, and woefully out of step with the President’s typical efforts to inspire.

Mascot Love

The Buckeye Nation is up in arms because the Ohio University mascot, Rufus the Bobcat, tried to tackle Brutus Buckeye as the Ohio State team took the field on Saturday, and then engaged in some roughhousing in the end zone.  Not surprisingly, Brutus — like any rugby shirt-wearing stud — easily shook off the cat’s foul and unwelcome embraces.  Nevertheless, Ohio University has apologized for the unseemly mascot behavior.

I wouldn’t make too big a deal out of the Bobcat’s antics.  After all, the OU mascot is a feline.  Ohio State fans just should be grateful that the Bobcat didn’t scratch someone’s eyes out, start yowling, mark its territory on the  50-yard-line, or otherwise use the Horseshoe as a big litter box.

Holy Cow Batman is 82 !

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Yesterday the original Batman, Adam West turned 82. The Batman Show aired back in the 60’s and Batman had a host of villians that he fought on a weekly basis. One of my favorites was the Mad Hatter where his hat pops open and a pair of eyes hypnotizes / paralyzes his prey.

Of course the show would culminate with a fight scene, Zlonk, Klonk, Kapow where Batman and Robin would prevail. This was classic television in the good old days. Sometimes I wish we could get those days back.