It’s Official: The Browns Stink

I’ve refrained from posting anything about the Cleveland Browns because, really, what’s the point?  It’s worth briefly noting, however, that the Browns have lost their first two games — again — to two exceptionally mediocre teams.  Averaging an overpowering 14 points a game, the Browns have been bested by Tampa Bay and Kansas City.

Even Penny realizes this season already has gone to the dogs

No one should be surprised by this.  The Browns have consistently sucked and disappointed their fans even since they have returned to the NFL.  But where there’s life, there’s hope, and Cleveland fans always are hopeful.  Now we know, only two games into the season, that our hopes will be dashed once more and another season will slide into the gloomy abyss of failure.

How long, O Lord?  How long?  How long before this once proud franchise finally produces the excellent football that is so much a part of its history, and which its stalwart fans so richly deserve?

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