Classiness On Display

Today I got a weird email from the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, Chris Redfern.  In the email, Redfern said he was being criticized by Republicans for using obscene language while giving a speech, but that he wouldn’t apologize for being passionate about the issues in this campaign, etc.  The email ends with an appeal for voters to be as passionate as he is and volunteer to work for Democratic Party candidates.

Chris Redfern

I hadn’t heard anything about the incident Redfern was referring to because, to be honest, I could care less about political party chairmen.  I’ve always viewed them as complete shills for their slate of candidates, always ready to mouth the latest spin rather than giving any kind of honest reaction.  Why would I waste my time reading about what Chris Redfern has to say?

Still, I was intrigued, so I did some checking and learned that Redfern dropped an f-bomb while being videotaped giving a speech.  He used a derivation of the word to refer to people who oppose health care (i.e., more than half of Americans, according to polls).  If you want to see the video, it is available here.  Does it look like a mistake of passion to you, or a calculated statement by a guy wearing a dress shirt who is hoping to get some free publicity as the election approaches?

Pretty classy, Chris!  Nothing like some reasoned discourse to sway voters to your position!  Is it any wonder that so many people are fed up with the politicos and their minions, like Chris Redfern?

Stalking Brutus

Here’s a weird codicil to the story about the Ohio University mascot who tried to tackle Brutus Buckeye at the start of the OSU-OU game:  it turns out that the OU mascot always planned to do just that, and indeed tried out for the job of OU mascot last year with the ultimate goal of tackling Brutus at the start of Saturday’s game.  The guy who wore the Bobcat mascot uniform for OU at the game, Brandon Hanning, isn’t even a student at OU any longer.

Who knows where the Bobcat guy could be lurking in the future?  Brutus could be innocently buying groceries, only to get blasted by the Bobcat lurking behind one of the produce bins, or he could be hoisting a beer at a campus establishment and look up only to see the Bobcat bearing down on him, teeth bared.  If I were Brutus, I’d consider getting a restraining order.