Classiness On Display (Cont.)

Today I got another email from Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern about his use of a crass obscenity in a recent speech.  Amazingly, he doesn’t apologize, or even act embarrassed about his blunder.  Instead, he tries to convert it into a fundraising opportunity!  He says that he has received an outpouring of support for his “forceful” speech and asks people to make a contribution to his “Swear Jar” because it will send a message to the “Tea Party” — that is, the people he used the f-bomb to describe in the first place.

Doesn’t this incident aptly capsulize what is wrong with our modern political process?  The head of the Ohio Democratic Party says something that should be the source of personal humiliation and deep regret.  Instead, it is touted as a reason to contribute to the cause of the Democratic Party.  Haven’t we reached a new low when the head of a major political party attempts to capitalize on using the Queen Mother of Curses in a political speech?  And doesn’t the quick development of the “Swear Jar” fundraising effort indicate that this resort to brainless vulgarity was an intentional, “hey look at me” gimmick?

The Ohio Democratic Party must be desperate for attention if it must resort to curse words to get its message across.   Redfern should be embarrassed, and so should anyone who contributes to his “Swear Jar.”

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