Finding EMU

Ohio State plays the Eastern Michigan University Eagles today.  The Eagles play in the MAC, and they aren’t very good.  In fact, they’ve lost 15 games in a row.  As a result, Ohio State is a prohibitive favorite to prevail in the match-up.

Today’s contest will be one of those games where Ohio State really can’t win.  You’re expected to pulverize your opponent.  If you don’t, questions get asked.  If you do, pundits criticize you for playing a patsy and give you no credit for the victory.  So, about the best you can hope for is that you notch a win, escape without an injury, and get some game experience for your back-ups.

Although the EMU team name is the Eagles, I can’t help but associate them with another species of bird — the emu, a large, earthbound bird that is native to Australia.  Let’s hope the Buckeyes keep EMU from taking flight today and can put another one in the win column without ruffling too many feathers.

1 thought on “Finding EMU

  1. EMU is a mess. Coach Ron English took over and has not been able to do anything, even in probably the worst conference in FBS. I actually think EMU should go to FCS for football if the MAC would let them stay in other sports. It is a commuter school with no real hope of ever playing big time football.


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