Politics over a $12 Sandwich


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Yesterday a friend and I went to Northstar Cafe on High Street for lunch. He was buying so I ordered the chicken and avacado sandwich with sweet potato fries. The food and company were both good and as is typically the case our discussion turned to politics.

His frustration with what’s going on in Washington was pretty apparent and I think reflects the views of alot of Americans these days because we don’t know what to do to get politicians on both sides of the aisle to work together.

When I asked him how he was planning on voting he told me he was thinking of voting against every incumbent on the ballot every November. Since the Democrats are in the majority right now this type of voting approach does not bode well for them.

Earlier today when I saw this clip on YouTube it made me wonder if voting the Republicans in to power will make things any better. I mean come on with all of the problems our country has right now our politicians are talking about skin color and golf. Argggggh, this is so frustrating.

As our Grandmother used to say, be careful what you wish for …..

Our Government, Dr. Frankenstein

As the stimulus program winds down, we learn more about how our federal dollars were spent.

The latest story reports that the inspector general for the Social Security Administration examined the $250 payments made to senior citizens under the stimulus bill.  The inspector general determined that 72,000 of the $250 payments — $18 million in all — were made to the dearly departed, and another $4.3 million went to 17,000 prison inmates.  Nice to know that our frankensteinian government is seeking to stimulate the dead, and the imprisoned!  Is anyone checking to see whether the trade in cigarettes and illicit goods at San Quentin has flourished as a result?

The article reports that a little more than half of the improper payments to those already dead were returned, and I suppose we should be grateful that so many relatives were honest.  The article makes no mention of how many prisoners acted similarly, however.