Our Silent Green Sentinel

We live in a cul de sacCul de sacs tend to be popular neighborhoods for little kids — after all, there is no through traffic — and our street is no exception.


Turtle Boy on the cul de sac


Several months ago two of our neighbors who have two very young kids added something new to our neighborhood at the entrance to our cul de sac. Bright green, sporting a red cap, an orange flag, and a “Slow!” sign, it appeared in the center of the road one night as I came home from work.  You have to slow down to maneuver around him,  which obviously is the idea.  Kish and I call him “Turtle Boy” because of his bright green coloring and slightly hump-backed appearance.

I don’t mind Turtle Boy.  I like seeing that parents care enough about their kids to invest in a sign designed to slow down traffic.  Obviously, individuals can’t be permitted to clog our streets with signs of their own devising, but there really is no risk of that in this case.  This is just an instance of parents with toddlers protecting their offspring.  I also like that the parents showed a kind of “can-do” attitude and took effective steps themselves.  In his own silent way, Turtle Boy is a kind of tribute to the American spirit.

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