Is Now the Time ?

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During the 2000 – 2008 period George Bush and the Republican controlled Congress really let me down. They took a Republican party that was always in favor of fiscally sound government and ran up huge deficits. As I recall I don’t think Bush vetoed a single bill that came out of the Congress during his tenure.

With that in mind I had two choices, don’t vote at all or vote for the Democrats to show my disappointment. I chose the latter and although I am not totally satisfied with the Democrats least they have gotten some things done. 

I read Bob’s recent blog where he said why not give the Rebublicans a chance and then if they fail, try something else. Hmmm…… I would be interested to know what Bob means by something else if the Republicans fail.

I am hopeful, but not very optimist and expect little to be accomplished in the Congress over the next two years. Recent polling shows Republican Congressional approval lower than the Democrats.

Over the years I have always been an avid proponent of term limits especially at the federal level. I know that our initial founders did not favor term limits because they felt that there would be some members who had superior talents and would become masters of the public’s business, but the problem is voters always feel that there member has superior talents and that members from other states don’t.

Term limits would build a citizen Congress and drive out career politicians. Our inital founders wanted there to be rotation in office which unfortunately we aren’t getting right now.

Term limits would eliminate seniority and hopefully encourage more bipartisanship especially on Congressional committees.

Term limits would increase competition and encourage more challengers when a members term is up. The amount of money that current members get from lobbies makes it almost impossible for a challenger to compete.

Term limits would hopefully break ties to special interests or at the very least reduce or limit the power of the lobbies.

Term limits would improve a tendency to vote on principle not along party line. I am reminded of George Voinovich recently breaking ties with Republicans to support the Small Business bill. Do you think he would have done that had he been running for re-election ?

Term limits would minimize the incentive for members to offer pork barrel legislation in an effort to get re-elected. Pork barrel spending is a huge problem and term limits might be the only way to address it other than by passing a presidential line item veto.

Here’s a recent poll taken in September of this year that shows 84% of Republicans, 74% of Democrats and 74% of Independents want term limits. The problem is in our democracy we have to convince Congress to vote in favor of what we the citizens want and that’s a tall order indeed.

1 thought on “Is Now the Time ?

  1. Politicians complain of lobbyist. Has a lobbyist ever written you a check. When the congress was founded, families would bid thier father a fond farewell,knowing he would return at the end of his term. Senators where then appointed by congressman in thier state to stay in DC to carry on thier wishes as they stayed home, to vote for the best interest of thier state, not party. No state ever paid for the pork of another.


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