Small College Football

Today the Purple Raider, the Yankees Fan, and Old Rosie and I went to watch an Ohio Athletic Conference matchup at the Otterbein College field in Westerville, one of the suburbs of Columbus.  The mighty Mount Union Purple Raiders ultimately prevailed over the doughty Otterbein Cardinals, 28-10.  It was a somewhat lackluster game, but a lot of fun to watch nevertheless.

The Otterbein Cardinals take the field

The OAC is Division III football.  If you are used to Division I football of the Ohio State variety, as I am, Division III is something of a shock.  The facilities are much smaller — Otterbein basically has a large structure on the home side of the field and small bleachers on the visitors side — but that just means that you can get closer to the field.  The players are smaller, too, and slower, but blocking is blocking and tackling is tackling.  You can still appreciate a well-run play when the running back is 5′ 8″ and 170, or a good solid hit when the defensive lineman is 5′ 11″ and 230 pounds.  And because you are closer to the field in a much smaller environment, there is a chance that a well-timed bit of heckling could actually be heard by the coach.

The Otterbein band lets loose

We sat right in front of the Otterbein Band, and they added a lot to the game.  The bandies lent spirited support to the Cardinals on the field, playing song snippets after just about every good Otterbein play and verbally harassing the refs and the Mount Union mascot, a large purple parrot with a sword.  At the end of the third quarter the band broke into a fine rendition of Hey Baby (I Want to Know if You’ll Be My Girl), with most of the bandies singing along.

It cost $5 to get into the game, and $2 for a hot dog.  It was worth every penny.

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

When I woke up today I was very hungry.  It was dark.  I sat patiently in my crate.  A long time later the old boring guy came down to feed me.  He never gives me as much food as I want.  Today was no different.  Seriously, what is up with that?  I am hungry!

I looked around the food room for more food but there wasn’t any.  There usually isn’t.  I always look, though.  You never know.

Then we went outside for our walk.  I was happy because it was cold for a change.  The ground felt cool under my paws and the grass was cold against my snout.

I like cold weather better than hot weather.  What do you expect?  I’m covered with fur.

The Ever-Present Specter Of Terrorism

The latest news about an apparent terrorist exercise is just a reminder that terrorist groups like al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula are out there, probing for weaknesses and looking for opportunities to pull off some new form of attack against the United States.  It is encouraging to see that our intelligence services, no doubt working with intelligence services abroad, were able to detect this latest effort — and I am confident that for every success that is the subject of coverage in the news media there are hundreds of successes that are never disclosed in order to not reveal secret sources or methods.  In any case, we should all commend our government on its vigilance in this case.