Bless Our Veterans, Their Families, And Their Sacrifices


The American cemetery in Normandy

Veterans’ Day is the most important federal holiday we have, because of what it means and the enormous sacrifices it commemorates.  All Americans should be deeply and forever grateful to our veterans for their service and their willingness to fight so that our great nation can remain a beacon of freedom and tolerance in the world.

2 thoughts on “Bless Our Veterans, Their Families, And Their Sacrifices

  1. I don’t care where you grew up, sorry you could’nt reach the peddle’s on your bike, sorry the leaves falling scared you, sorry your family and mine are forever linked. But, that was the best tribute to those braver than I. Thanks


  2. Great post. I wonder if today the children should have all attended school….. with dedicated lessons on all the good that has been done and the sacrifice it required. Or better yet, open the schools and have all the students put on performances and prepare lunch for all the local veterans!


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