The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

My window, where I watch for the leader's return

There are four of us in my pack.  The leader is my best, best friend in the whole world.  I follow her everywhere.  She has the best smell in the whole world.  I sit with her whenever I can.  When she leaves, I try to find something with her smell.  I will drag it down and put my head on it, so I can smell her smell the whole day long.  Then I will sit and look out my window, waiting for her to come home.  When she comes home, I am very happy again!  Of course, part of the reason I am so happy is that she feeds me when she gets home.  Hurray!

Then there is Young Master.  He is fun!  When he comes home, he wrestles with me and chases me.  Then I chase him.  He smells good, too.  Young Master understands me.  He knows I am hungry, and he gives me food.  Young Master lives in a cave up the hill.  Sometimes I can get in the cave, but usually I can’t.  If I can get in the cave it is always a good day, because there are lots of things to smell and usually food to eat, too!  I really, really like to eat.

Then there is the old boring guy.  Ugh.

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