Long, Long, Long

It’s been a long, long, long time, but the music of the Beatles is finally available on iTunes.  Apple and EMI, the Beatles record label, have worked out an arrangement.

Getting the Beatles on iTunes apparently was a big deal for Apple’s Steve Jobs, who is a Beatles fan.  Others, however, have questioned whether having the Beatles on iTunes will make much of a difference.  They reason that people who like the Beatles (like me) already have their songs on their iPods and won’t need iTunes to get them, and that younger people want new music, not music that was first recorded in their grandparents’ day.

I don’t agree with either point. In the modern world, iTunes is a basic method for getting music.  Putting the Beatles’ music on iTunes will make it easier for people to get to the Beatles’ music.  And I disagree with anyone who says that young people of today — and boy, does using that phrase make me feel like an old fogey! — won’t care much for the Beatles.  Richard and I heard a few snippets of songs on the NPR report on the Beatles-Apple deal, and the songs still sound incredibly fresh.  The Beatles catalog is just excellent, interesting music.  If kids haven’t heard it because it is not played on their favorite radio stations, they will now have an opportunity to discover the music on iTunes.  I’m betting they enjoy that discovery as much as their parents, and their grandparents, did.