Pablo’s Parting Gifts

The press is reporting that 271 previously unknown Picassos have been discovered in the possession of a retired electrician and his wife.  The electrician, who performed work for Picasso and his wife, says that he received the artwork as gifts from Picasso’s second wife.  Others are skeptical of that story and think the pieces may have been wrongfully acquired.

Russell's bedroom wall portrait of PicassoThe new discoveries include drawings, sketches, lithographs, cubist collages, and portraits.  The pieces apparently were created during the period from 1900 to 1932.

Picasso was famously quirky, so maybe he and his wife did decide to part with his artwork as appreciation for good electrical wiring work.  In any case, it’s interesting to think that so many previously unknown works could be uncovered more than 35 years after Picasso’s death.  I’m sure Picasso experts are eager to get a look at the new pieces.  And, perhaps most importantly, this story gives me a welcome reason to post Russell’s colossal painting of Picasso’s head, which appeared suddenly on the wall of Russell’s bedroom here at the house one day and has been like part of the family ever since.

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