LeBron’s Homecoming

LeBron James returned to Cleveland last night and scored 38 points to lead his new team, the Miami Heat, to a 118-90 win over the Cavs.

I am not really an NBA fan, so I don’t really care much about the result of the game.  Mostly, I am happy that the game was played without incident and that the fans were able to make known their feelings about James with humor and with class — more class than James showed when he announced his decision to leave Cleveland on a glitzy, narcissistic ESPN broadcast.

My roots are in northeastern Ohio.  I’ll always be a Cleveland sports fan, and I love Cleveland as a city with a big heart.  Cleveland is bigger than any one person — even a mega-celebrity/athlete/media conglomerate like LeBron James — and maybe James’ departure and now his return will help Clevelanders to realize that.  It’s time for the City by the Lake to move on.