The Browns Press On

The Browns play the Dolphins today in Miami.  The Browns stand at 4-7 and are pretty much out of the playoff hunt — unless they can somehow run the table.  If the Browns hold out any hope, they must win this game.

This will be one of those rare games where the location probably doesn’t give an advantage.  The Browns stink on the road (1-4) and the Dolphins stink at home (1-4).  The Dolphins have a pretty good defense and have been especially good against the pass.  The Dolphins’ offense, however, has been iffy, and their quarterback (for now at least) is Chad Henne, a name familiar to anyone who follows Big Ten football.

Unfortunately for the Browns, Colt McCoy is still out, so Jake Delhomme will start at QB.  Delhomme played a good first half against Carolina last week, then had an abysmal second half that let the Panthers back in the game.  Although he bounced back to lead the Browns on a drive to get a field goal to put the team ahead, his bad decision-making was deeply troubling.  If a vet like Delhomme hasn’t learned good judgment by now, what does he bring to the table?  No doubt the Browns, again, will hope Peyton Hillis can carry them to victory on the ground — and also hope that the defense recovers from its near-disastrous end-of-the-game breakdowns against Carolina.  The Browns were saved from another ignominious loss only because Carolina’s field goal kicker gagged on a game-winning field goal with time running out.  They’ll need to play better, on offense and defense, if they hope to win today.

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