Southern Hospitality

My good friend Courtney is in the process of moving his entire family up to Columbus from Florida and a few weeks ago he sent me an invitation to a party he and his wife Janine had planned for all of their Florida friends. 

Last Wednesday he and I were out having a few drinks and I said well it looks like I’m not going to make it down to your place in F L A, but a couple of days later what do you know, I’m in Tampa. I just love spontaneous trips.

The weather down there was fantastic (high sixties / low seventies) compared to what we were experiencing in Columbus (high twenties / low thirties) even though it was a little cold by their standards and there was a wonderful breeze.

At the party on Friday night I didn’t know a soul so I got to work on my social skills, but their friends made me feel right at home. I spent some time on the front porch relaxing and soaking in the sun. Pretty much every house down there has a front porch which we don’t have up North. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why they are all so friendly. 

While I was there we ate a variety of foods, Cuban’s which are sub-type sandwiches with thinly sliced ham and pork, cheese, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. Saturday afternoon Janine brought home boiled peanuts which I’d never had before. They were soft and kinda spicy, not really my cup of tea. For lunch we had shrimp with grits and blackened grouper sandwiches. 

When I travel to another part of the United States I am often struck as to just how lucky we Americans are because there is so much variety within the borders of the good ole U S of A. So thanks Courtney, Janine, Cole, Graham, Roxy and Bob Roberts I had a wonderful time.

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