Splurging at Bern’s Steakhouse

Awhile back I saw a show on one of the food channels and it rated Bern’s Steakhouse as one of the top steakhouse’s in the country. It just so happens that Bern’s is located in Tampa and my friend Courtney had been there before so while I was visiting over the weekend we decided to go on Saturday night.

When you enter the lobby you will notice that the place is decorated like a bordello from the days of the Wild West. We didn’t have a reservation, but had no problem getting a seat at the bar. I began my adventure with a medium bodied Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay, Sonoma which was very good. The reason I know it was medium bodied is because that’s what the wine list said – ha !

Courtney said the place had awesome dinner specials and we both ordered surf and turf. Our meal started with a cup of some darn good french onion soup au gratin which included some little garlic toasts. For my salad I ordered the house salad with a macadamia vanilla bean vinaigrette dressing and it was phenomenal. In fact the lady next to me ordered the same on her salad cause she heard me raving about it.

The surf and turf was a nice sized filet mignon with meat was so tender I could have cut it with a fork and it was cooked to perfection. Also included was a small spiney Florida lobster tail that was very tasty. Our vegetable was shredded brussel sprouts that I had never had before with bacon bits. The potatoes were not so hot, but supposedly had white truffles in them.

We rested a bit at the bar and while doing so I decided to order a chocolate martini, mmmmm it was real good. For desert we had banana cheese pie that was out of this world. After dinner they took us on a kitchen tour where we got to see the cave du fromage that houses all kinds of cheeses from around the world and their huge wine cellar

Overall I would rate my experience there a ten out of ten and would definitely go back again. The only negative was a rather rotund man and his wife from Connecticut who sat next to us. He was loud and obnoxious and told us he was considering hair plugs while routinely dropping the “f” bomb. Oh well you can’t have everything, but check Bern’s out if your ever in Tampa.

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