The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

My spot at the top of the hill

My pack lives in a place with a hill.  Usually I stay at the bottom of the hill.  That is where my bed is, and that is where most of the food is.  I like to stay as close to the food as possible.  If some of it falls on the floor, I want to be ready.

Some mornings, though, everyone else rushes around.  They rush around, and then they leave.  Why?  Where do they go?  Why don’t they stay with me?  On those days, I sit at the top of the hill.  It puts me in the center of all of the activity.  I know it bugs the old boring guy, too.  Ha, ha!  Stick it, old boring guy!  And, if Young Master goes downstairs, I can try to get into his cave.  If that works, I will quickly look for food.  Usually there is food in there, and if there is I will gobble it down.  Why not?  I am hungry!

If I can’t get into Young Master’s cave, I will sit on the hill and look outside.  Sometimes I will bark. It makes everybody in the pack pay attention.

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