A Sad Farewell Amidst A Festive Season

The wine and beer drinkers of New Albany and Gahanna are feeling sad this holiday season.  Corner’s Beverage Shoppe is closing on December 15, after 13 years of providing the community with a fine selection of wines and beers, a pleasant and helpful staff, and an ambiance that is warm and homey rather than cold and institutional.  Ironically, the business is being sold to Giant Eagle.  Even more ironically, it is happening during the holiday season, when quick visits to Corner’s have become as much a tradition as a turkey and Christmas cookies.

Finding a good wine and beer store is like finding a good mechanic.  You come to trust their recommendations and believe that they aren’t trying to take advantage of you.  Why should they?  They know you are a regular, and they want you to return.  You know you can find a good bottle of wine, a decent cigar, an interesting new beer, and some useful suggestions from knowledgeable professionals.  Large grocery stores, staffed by a revolving lineup of minimum wage earners, just can’t offer the same feel or service.

I’ve been going to Corner’s Beverage Shoppe for all of its 13 years and have always appreciated the friendliness of its staff and their heartfelt advice on beverage selections.  To them, I say:  “Cheers!”  And, thanks.  You will be missed!

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