The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Where I live, some areas are forbidden.  One area is up in the air so I cannot see it, but I can reach it with my paws if I jump.  And then, if there is something interesting up there, I try to grab it and pull it down.  There is almost always something interesting up there.  I can smell it, and usually it is food that only the others in the pack get to eat.

That is not fair!  So, I always jump up to see if I can get my share.  Sometimes it is hard work.  One time a few days ago, I pulled down a big plate and ate everything on it.  Just as I was finishing it, the old boring guy came in.  He was mad!  I knew he was mad, so I ran to my sleeping spot, where he couldn’t get in.  Ha!  Too slow, old boring guy!  And then, I enjoyed the taste of the food.  It was sweet and good.

I know it is a forbidden area, but I should get my share of the food for the pack.  Why not?  I am hungry!


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