The World, Through Sunglasses

What is it about sunglasse?  Why do they have such a profound mental and physical effect?

You put them on, and immediately you begin to relax.  Your brain thinks, “vacation.”  You breathe out and exhale all of the work-related pressures and stresses.  You chuckle at the effect.  You smell coconut lotions and fruity, umbrella-topped concoctions.  You feel the sand between your toes and a warm, tangy, salty breeze gently brushing the hairs on your arms.  You slow down a bit.

I think sunglasses have an almost magical effect on people for many reasons.  First, almost everyone thinks they look cool in sunglasses.  Celebrities and Secret Service agents wear them all the time, for a reason.  Whether you really do look cool doesn’t make any difference, of course — it’s the thought that counts.  Second, sunglasses are associated with vacations and good times.  And third, the way in which sunglasses alter the world around us makes a big difference.  Why shouldn’t we want to take the edge off the glare of bright sunshine and darken and soften the world a bit?

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