How do we Know the Squirrels will Cross the Bridge ?

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We keep hearing about the number of state governments that are going to have to make some serious decisions in the coming year about what programs they can and can’t fund. Here’s an article with the corresponding video that addresses what’s going on in Arizona, a state that is facing a $1.5 billion dollar deficit. The governor decided to cut funding for low income people who need transplants.

Enter Steven Daglas an Illinois party committeeman who took countless hours to review the Arizona state budget along with state auditor documents in an effort to try to find funds to cover transplants for those who aren’t lucky enough to have medical insurance.

So your are probably wondering what does this have to do with squirrels crossing the bridge – Daglas set up the following website showing twenty six options that the Arizona governor has that will not take money away from others.

One option is to use funds previously set aside for a project where Arizona was going to spend $1.25 million to build rope bridges over the road for the thought to be extinct red squirrels to cross. By doing this project it was estimated that it would save five squirrels a year. Are you kidding me ?

When asked about whether the squirrel bridge was a good use of goverrment funds John McCain said “How do we know the squirrels will cross the bridge ?” Fortunately more level heads prevailed and the project has been cancelled.

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