Cleaning Out The Gear

Last week the University of Michigan cleaned house by firing former head football coach Rich Rodriguez, and now Rodriguez is engaging in his own kind of housecleaning.

Rodriguez donated 432 items of Michigan apparel — 12 bags full — to a Salvation Army store in Wayne, Michigan.  The assortment includes caps, shirts, and jackets, ranging from medium to 2XL.  The Salvation Army store is planning on having a sale of the materials today.

Twelve bags of Michigan stuff seems like a lot, but maybe every college football head coach keeps a kind of clothing store at their house, at the ready in case some stud recruit and his parents drop by.  In any case, after he got the axe Rodriguez didn’t need the stuff any more.  I don’t think he’s going to be wearing UM gear any time soon, and he probably doesn’t want to look at any Michigan stuff that would remind him of his grim three-year run as the head coach.  It was generous of him to give the Salvation Army got the benefit of his housecleaning efforts.

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