X-ray Specs

Driving home from work the other day a local radio talk show here in Columbus mentioned comic book advertisements and that brought back some fond memories. In the Webner household there was no shortage of comic books to read when we were growing up, Archie, Betty and Veronica, Richie Rich and the like.

With that of course brought the comic book ads, my favorite being the X-ray Specs. The thought of being able to see through things, imagine that. Boy the advertising companies could really suck you in with their descriptions, wonderful, hilarious, funny, exciting , amazing and spectacular. Not to mention the fine upstanding companies you were going to purchase your items from, Honor House and Honesty Company.

You dreamed as a child of what you were going to get for your hard earned allowance money that you worked all week for, usually disappointed by what actually arrived. I don’t recall the Webner family ever getting the X-ray Specs, but at one time we did purchase some Sea Monkeys which I think were small shrimp that wiggled around for maybe an hour and then died. I remember the water being so foggy you could hardly see what was going on anyway.

I wonder if any one ever bought anything that really lived up to their expectations ?

1 thought on “X-ray Specs

  1. Thank you for your post.

    I recall a tiny plastic magnifying glass that most certainly would not set dried leaves ablaze, one of those tube containers (roughly the shape and size of a Pringles can) that was packaged like cookies or something, but had the “fake snakes” in it, as well as the “shocking” hand buzzer thing you held in our hand to shock an unsuspecting uncle with when he shook your hand. I also fell for the “crystal radio” that never worked. We used to order the stuff just to see how wide the gap was between presentation and realization. i think we once had a contest to see who could make the most useless purchase. I’m sure one of us got the X-ray specks – but I don’t recall who.

    Changing topics – you and I are about the same age. For some reason the thing that has stuck with me is a memory of a report in the Weekly Reader of a guy wearing a personal “Jet Back Pack” – it may have been when they opened Disney World. In any event, I’m still waiting for the day when we each have our own jet backpack (it seemed so much more realistic than George Jetson’s flying car in a briefcase).

    Thanks for the memories (must be channeling Bob Hope).


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