Morning People Versus Evening People

A while ago the London Evening Standard ran an article about why “morning people” rule the world.  The article is careful to point out that both “morning people” and “evening people” have good qualities.  “Morning people” tend to be more optimistic, proactive and conscientious.  “Evening people,” on the other hand, are thought to be more creative, intelligent, humorous and extroverted. (Note that each of the “evening people” qualities could be influenced by alcohol consumption.  Your friends seem a lot more creative, intelligent, humorous, and extroverted after a night full of few adult beverages.)

Sounds like the funny, brilliant evening people are in good shape, right?  Unfortunately, the problem is that the world is geared to “morning people.”  School starts at 8 a.m., not 6 p.m.  And the business day ends before “evening people” hit their stride.  As a result of this, “morning people” get rewarded as the energetic, hard-working, bright-eyed high performers.  “Evening people,” on the other hand, are viewed as lazy, unmotivated slugs who drift aimlessly through the day.  In short, the article concludes, “evening people” are pretty much screwed because all of the societal cards are stacked against them.  (Those wondering whether there is any journalistic bias at play here would do well to remember that this article was published in the London Evening Standard — they have to appeal to their readership.)

Everyone knows there are differences between morning and evening people.  Here are a few ways to distinguish between them:

Favorite Beverage:   morning people — anything with caffeine; evening people — anything with alcohol

Appalling personality quirk:  morning people — excessive chipperness; evening people — excessive vomiting

TV show where you are most likely to make an appearance:  morning people — behind the window on The Today Show; evening people — Cops

You get the idea.

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