Not Your Typical Day at the Beach

Well I haven’t gotten around to transferring my pictures to my Macbook Pro yet to share some of the amazing sunsets and other sights you can see, but I wanted to post a blog about our trip to Orient Beach on the French northeast side of the Island of St Martin.

Bill, Sue, my female friend I was traveling with who doesn’t want to be mentioned in the family blog (so she will be referred to as Ms. X throughout the rest of the blog) and I packed up the car about 9 a.m. and we were off.

After about a twenty minute drive we arrived at Orient which consisted or a long stretch white soft sand and turquoise blue water, boy talk about relaxing ! Each little section of the beach had it’s own beach name (Waikiki, Miami, Coco you get the drift) and seemed to be run by a few locals offering lounge chairs, an umbrella and a drink coupon for a small fee of less than ten bucks.

Once we got situated, I decided to have a banana colada which was very good by the way and since Ms. X was engrossed in her book, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I made up my mind that I was going to walk the full beach because Orient Beach is known for Club Orient.

Club Orient is advertised as the only nudist beach resort on the friendly island of St Martin. The other beaches are clothing optional, but usually consist of women topless. Besides what guy wants to take a girl to his first nude beach experience.

After walking a short distance I passed some rocks and then a wooden sign that said no cameras please. Oh boy, here it comes, I wonder what it’s gonna be like, the curiosity was just killing me.

Well, I have to say as I said to Bill, Sue and Ms X. – it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be (groan). Almost all the people who were nude had to be at least fifty years old, with most in their sixties, seventies and eighties. Are you kidding me – should these people have been allowed to be wearing nothing at all ?

I walked the full beach a few more times scoping out some of the restaurants that were directly behind each beach, it looked like Andy and Cheryl’s – New Jersey Beach Bar and Restaurant had the best variety, lowest prices and it was packed.

The four of us went in, sat down at a picnic table and enjoyed the best open air dining experience I have ever had. Andy, the owner is from New Jersey and Cheryl, his wife from New York have been running the joint for twenty some years.

They had boards posted around the restaurant with the daily specials and Cheryl took our order. Bill ordered scallops, Sue ordered fish and chips, Ms. X ordered calamari and I ordered mussels a la Andy that just came in that morning.

Oh my gosh, my mussels were phenomenal, forty five of them with a wonderful garlic sauce and garlic bread to boot (I had to order more garlic bread to sop up all of the sauce) all for only fifteen dollars. Ms. X gave me one of her calamari that was cooked perfectly, and Bill’s scallops and Sue’s fish and chips looked really good too.

So if you decide to travel to St. Martin make sure you take a trip to Orient Beach, it is well worth the trip.

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

There are lots of different packs where I live.  When my pack walks past where the different packs live, sometimes dogs will bark.  Like this guy.  I call him Champ.  Champ always seems mad.  When my pack comes by and Champ is outside, he growls and charges and then gives us an angry bark.  It is not a playful bark or a tail-wagging bark, either.  No, Champ always acts like he wants to get into a fight.

I ignore the other packs.  Why should I care about them?  I am part of this pack.  I get food.  We go for walks together.  So, why should I care if Champ always seems to want to take a bite out of my hide?  Champ and the dogs in other packs probably just wish that they were in my pack, too.  Can you blame them?

Shipwreck Beer

Shipwreck beer — coming soon to a cooler near you?

Last summer a salvage operation for a shipwreck dating from the early 1800s discovered dozens of bottles of what were thought to be champagne.  When one of the bottles burst after being retrieved, it was discovered to be beer — and marginally drinkable at that.  The beer tasted old and acidic.  We might call it “skunky.”  Still, it is the oldest drinkable beer yet found.  Perhaps the fact that it apparently was stored in brown bottles helped?

The government in the area where the wreck was found has now commissioned scientists to try to figure out the recipe for the beer, so that it can be recreated for modern beer drinkers.  It will be a challenge, but I am glad they are trying.  Any beer that was good enough to be brought on a voyage from Copenhagen to St. Petersburg, along with bottles of the finest champagne, must have been pretty darned tasty.