Time For The President To Act Like A President

The more I read about President Obama’s proposed budget, the more disappointed I am.  I agree with the thrust of this editorial from the Washington Postthe President has refused to make the hard choices, and instead is proposing phony “cuts” and using budgeting gimmickry to achieve the illusory “savings” he and officials in his administration are claiming.

I heard parts of the President’s press conference and was even more disappointed.  The President sounded like he was being coy and was engaging in maneuvering, rather than actually leading.  He is trying to position things so that Republicans make the hard choices, and he doesn’t take any political risks.  What kind of leadership is that?  If we have a President who is not willing to lead, what does that say about his qualities as a President?

I would guess that most Americans consider our ridiculous, seemingly unending deficit spending to be the most significant domestic problem facing our country.  The President should be tackling that problem — but he hasn’t, and by all appearances he won’t.  He obviously doesn’t consider our rapidly mounting, crushing debt to be sufficiently serious to command his attention or to warrant his expenditure of any political capital.  It really makes you wonder — if President Obama isn’t willing to lead on the most important domestic issue of the day, why did he run for President in the first place?

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