One of my favorite websites for movie reviews is The website not only gives you reviews from the movie critics, but from the movie audience as well. A good movie comment is represented by a ripe red tomato and a bad movie comment is represented by a BIG GREEN SPLAT.

Last Sunday my sister Cathy, my niece Brittany and I went to see Sanctum. I typically try to find at least one redeeming quality, something positive to say about most everything I see and do, but I have to admit I can’t think of one good thing to say about this movie.

The acting was bad, there was no plot, no development of characters and I dozed off a couple of times during the movie (hey maybe if you are sleep deprived this movie will help you sleep). Even the 3D wasn’t all that great as there was always a rock in the bottom left or right of the screen to give the 3D effect, but after awhile it began to irritate me.

I wonder if when a person like James Cameron lends his name as executive producer to a movie he watches the movie and says we are definitely giving the customer their money’s worth because I paid $8 for this movie and it should have been free ! Don’t waste your hard earned dollars on this one.

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