The Real March Madness

UJ’ s post notwithstanding, every red-blooded American cares about the real March Madness — not some ever-present Social Security funding issues. Social Security problems will be around forever.  The NCAA Tournament, on the other hand, is a one-and-done thing where you live for the moment.  What could better epitomize modern America?

We are glad that the Ohio State Buckeyes, which won another Big Ten Tournament championship, are the overall number one seed.  It looks like the Buckeyes fared well in the brackets, and it looks like the Big Ten did well, too.

We’ll watch to see who wins the play-in game to face the Buckeyes, and we will watch the NCAAs with great anticipation.  We want to see the upsets, the underdogs, the last-second buzzer beaters, and the Cinderella teams.  It is a heck of a lot more entertaining, and uplifting, than thinking about Social Security funding.

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