And the Plot Thickens

I just finished Stieg Larsson’s second book of the Millennium trilogy, The Girl who Played with Fire and I found his second book more entertaining than his first. I am not going to offer any hints about the plot in the second book as I have a few friends reading it at this time and I don’t want to ruin it for them (Bob revealed a key detail about the ending to book two in one of his blogs some time back, thanks Bob).

All I will say is the plot in the Larsson’s second book continues to revolve around the two main characters he developed in his first book, Lisbeth Salander and Michael Blomkvist and murder is involved. The thing I like about Larsson’s writing style is the way that he skips around from character to character giving their perspective on the events that are unfolding in the story line. Book two ends with a cliff hanger wanting you to get book three ASAP.

Larsson was not your typical lifetime writer, beginning his fiction writing at age 48 when he was bored while on vacation. He planned on writing ten books in all with proceeds from the book going towards funding his retirement.

He was a workaholic and a non-stop smoker who went to the office one day and found the elevator was out of order so he climbed seven flights of stairs and eventually collapsed in his office after having a heart attack at the age of fifty – damn elevator !

It is only my humble opinion, but Larsson truly had a gift and was a wonderful author and I will be very sad when I finish book three knowing there is nothing left from him to read.

1 thought on “And the Plot Thickens

  1. Book three off to a slow start…on page 115 and waiting for it to heat up a bit! I have to say I agree w/you about the 2nd book, JUICY! what I dont like about book three thus far is the fact that as he jumps from character to character sharing their points of view the book tends to get a bit redundant, I find myself skipping ahead of some of the parts. I think after you read a little bit you will agree, also he repeats the end of book two quite a bit in the beginning of book three which is also a little annoying to me as well. But that is just my pov, I tend to have a hard time just “enjoying” books and movies as I tend to overanalyze everything!! But I do so enjoy this trilogy and am glad that I have read it!!


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