North Market Lunching: Nida’s Sushi

Nida’s Sushi is an unusual place.  Tucked away in one of the interior lanes in the North Market complex, Nida’s Sushi feels like it is in a different country entirely.  With cramped counter space, countless porcelain cats strewn across the counter, and people working hard in a tiny kitchen area, you feel like this place would fit comfortably in just about any side street off the Ginza.

The colorful beverage cooler

Nida’s offers sushi, soups, curries, traditional oriental fare, and a curious selection of other foods.  This is your place to visit if you want to get a large can of fiery wasabi peas, seaweed salad, squid salad, sweet rice cakes, or bags of unknown snacks.

And the beverage cooler features the most eclectic offering of refreshments you are likely to find anywhere in Columbus.  The drinks come in just about every color of the rainbow — although green seems to be especially popular — but I don’t know precisely what flavors are available because many of the containers have only Japanese labels.  Some of the packaging makes the drinks look disturbingly like bottles of mouthwash.  Perhaps for that reason, I haven’t been brave enough to reach into the cooler, grab a drink at random, and take my chances.

The chicken Pad Thai

The food is pretty good and reasonably priced.  I particularly like the chicken Pad Thai, which is served in a no-frills styrofoam container with a plastic fork.  For only $7.25, you get a large portion that is chock full of  well-flavored chicken, noodles, egg, peanuts and crunchy bean sprouts.  The sign above the counter says the Pad Thai is the “best authentic in Columbus.”  I don’t know whether that is true or not, but it is tasty.  Add a diet Dr. Brown’s — or, if you are a more adventurous type, one of the unknown liquid concoctions from the colorful cooler — and you’ve got a good North Market lunch.

North Market Lunching:  Kitchen Little

Feral Cat Gangs Causing Havoc In Australia

According to newspaper accounts, residents of Moorooka, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, are being terrorized by a gang of feral cats “the size of dogs.” Members of the cat gang are attacking pedestrians after darkness falls, clawing small, prissy dogs, hissing at passersby, and generally intimidating the beleaguered Aussies. And they are doing so with shocking impunity.

It sounds like a far-fetched scene from The Stand or some other Stephen King novel, but it isn’t — it is just a return to the natural order of things.  It is not surprising, really, that delinquent cats would form thuggish, bullying gangs.  Everyone knows that, deep down, cats despise humans.  When cats resort to their feral state, and are no longer dependent upon humans for Purina cat chow or canned salmon, they are bound to act out the superiority they clearly feel.  Right now, they are probably treating Moorooka like one vast litter box and scratching post, yowling at the moon, strutting in their leather jackets and riding their cat motorcycles into saloons.

I am sure that other citizens of Australia are deeply concerned that the cat gangs of Moorooka might spread throughout the Land Down Under — and then across the face of the globe.  And before you know it, every haughty, diffident Tabby, Morris and Whiskers is feeling that feral urge, ready to pounce on their human companions as they slumber and scratch their eyes out.  This menace must be stopped before it is too late!