Eyelid Woman And Unnecessary Surgeries Gone Bad

From New Jersey comes the unhappy story of a woman whose plastic surgery left her unable to fully close her eyes.  She went in to fix “bumps on her eyelids” left by an earlier cosmetic procedure and was left with her current condition.   So, she’s suing the surgeon.  It turns out that she has had multiple procedures in the past — indeed, one of her allegations is that the surgeon, having learned of her many prior cosmetic activities, should have concluded that she was a poor candidate for the surgery and cautioned her accordingly.

The woman’s story highlights some of the issues about elective surgeries in America.  Why do we have so many men and women who are willingly going under the knife for augmentation of various facial and body parts?  Why wasn’t Eyelid Woman satisfied with her face as it originally was?  Why did she find the bumps on her eyelids so disturbing that she felt compelled to pay thousands of dollars to deal with them?  Vanity has always been a part of the human condition, but there apparently is some dark current in American society that has kicked simple vanity into overdrive to the point where some people are engaged in a relentless effort to achieve and maintain what they believe to be an ideal, youthful appearance.

The risks of a bad result from cosmetic surgery are significant.  You may end up with a grotesque result, like Eyelid Woman or “celebrities” whose faces look like Roman death masks.  But you also may suffer even more severe consequences.  Anyone who receives anesthesia for a surgical procedure runs a risk that was not exist otherwise.  If your surgery requires hospitalization, you may fall prey to the various forms of bacteria that are often found in hospitals.  And if you experience one of those bad results, you may need health care for a real condition like a heart attack or a raging staph infection — not just a fleeting concern about whether a few eyelid bumps from your last cosmetic treatment are detracting from your otherwise flawless appearance.

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