What Goes On At Webner Park?

The other day someone mentioned to me that there is a “Webner Park” in Revere, Massachusetts.  I was skeptical of this claim, but sure enough, it’s true.  (Why is it called “Webner Park”?  Who cares?)

When I heard there was a Webner Park, I wondered what it looked like and thought it would be worth a visit.  I imagined it would be a bucolic area, richly forested, with perhaps a pond or two, some waterfowl, and furry woodlands creatures frolicking on the rolling grasslands.  No such luck.  The view from SatelliteViews.net show a half ellipse with a few straggly trees, ringed by an off-ramp.  The “park” is hard up against the Route 1 Northeast Expressway and probably is loud from road noise and reeking of gasoline fumes 24 hours a day.  There don’t appear to be any ponds or even baseball fields.

Webner Park looks like it could be the place in the neighborhood for teenage trysts, furtive beer-drinking, or other nefarious behavior.  In all likelihood, no Revere resident is going to have fond memories of their time spent lolling on the burnt-out fields of Webner Park.  Sigh.

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