Coach Tressel Responds To Buckeye Bebe

White the rest of Buckeye Nation waits, Aunt Bebe — aka “Buckeye Bebe” — does what she does best.  She has written to Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel, sending him her best wishes and complete, heartfelt support.

And now, Coach Tressel has responded.  In a note she sent to Kish and me this week, she reported that Coach Tressel sent her a card and wrote:  “Bebe, you are the best.  We will grow from this adversity.  God bless you and yours.  Sincerely, Jim Tressel.”  Aunt Bebe adds:  “P.S.  He had my day!”  I have to believe that Buckeye Bebe’s unflinching encouragement and backing has helped to make Coach Tressel’s day, too.

Say what you will about Coach Tressel and his conduct in connection with this latest incident, but can we all agree that, at heart, he is a good man?  His attention to small gestures, like writing a personal note to a huge fan, his tremendous community involvement, and his support for countless charitable causes says a lot about his character and his class.

The Republic Is Saved!

A budget deal has been struck (at the last minute, of course)!   So today, the federal government is open for business!  History has been made!  The National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade can go forward!  The Republic is saved!

From the self-congratulatory tone of some the public statements of the participants, you’d think our elected representatives had discovered a cure for cancer, rather than just belatedly completed a job that should have been done last year.  I’m glad that the ludicrous spectacle of a federal government shutdown was avoided, but forgive me if I don’t join in the hosannas for President Obama, Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  If progress can be made on reducing spending, shoring up revenue, balancing the budget, and eliminating our federal debt only by incremental steps, after weeks of invective and name-calling, when everyone’s back is to the wall, we are in for a long period of ugly contentiousness.

Now, on to the next last-minute, bruising battle, about raising the national debt limit.