Federal Facebook Follies

Does the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs really need to hire someone to manage a Facebook page for the Department of the Interior, to the tune of up to $115,000 a year?  That’s one of more than 1,000 federal government job openings in the Washington, D.C. area that were advertised in March.

My guess is that most Americans would say that, given our current federal budget deficit and debt issues, the Department of Interior can safely do without someone to set up and supervise a Facebook page.  The fact that the opening is even being advertised for filling suggests that the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. really aren’t serious about belt-tightening and holding down spending.  The President should instruct all federal agencies to cut their payrolls and consider carefully whether new hires and replacements really are necessary — and if there is any doubt, the new hire shouldn’t be made.

I recognize that refraining from hiring one Facebook editor isn’t going to solve our spending issues by itself, but as I often tell Kish (to her disdain) every little bit helps.  A big part of our federal budget challenge is changing the culture of spending inside the Beltway.  Telling the bureaucrats that their hiring budget has been cut and that they will be held accountable for unnecessary hires is a good first step.

North Market Lunching: Hubert’s Polish Kitchen

If I had to pick one word to describe the food at Hubert’s Polish Kitchen, that word would be “hearty.”  This is a place to go if you are hungry.  Hubert’s offers unabashedly meat-oriented fare with no apologies, and it is tasty fare, indeed.

The proprietor, Hubert, is one of the nicest guys you’re likely to meet.  He proudly told me on one of my visits that his food is prepared using recipes that he got from his grandmother.  She obviously was a darned good cook!  On a typical day you are likely to find some combination of breaded chicken cutlets, kielbasa, different types of stews, pierogi, goulash, Polish cole slaw, mashed potatoes, leek salad, dumplings, and cucumbers and sour cream, among other goodies.  The service is fast and friendly, and Hubert just might insist that you give a new concoction a try.  After you make your purchase, he’ll ask you to come back and let him know how you liked it.

My typical selection from Hubert’s is the breaded chicken cutlet with mashed potatoes and sliced cucumbers with sour cream.  The cutlet is man-sized, well seasoned, tender and juicy.  The mashed spuds are excellent, and I usually ask to have a bit of stew poured over the top.  With a diet Coke, the price tab comes to about $10 — which is a pretty good deal for a full belly and a happy encounter with the nice folks behind the counter.

North Market Lunching:  Nida’s Sushi

North Market Lunching:  Kitchen Little

Spring, At Last!

It has been a long, wet, cold, dismal winter — but I think it’s over.  Blossoms have popped and spring flowers are bringing back some much-needed color to the yard and neighborhood.

Of course, April weather in central Ohio is notoriously unpredictable.  Today the temperature is supposed to reach the 80s.  So, we go from winter directly into summer — but we’ll take it.