The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.  I am mad today.

I like getting into the forbidden areas, because they have the most good stuff.  I figured out how to get into the best forbidden area of all.  Then I could pull out the trash can, look inside, and always — always! — find something to eat.  One time, there was a big part of pizza in there.  I’m not kidding!  That really happened!  Now that was a good day.

Then one day the trash can was gone and this thing was there.  I hate this thing!  I know the good stuff is in there, but I can’t get inside.  It is too slippery for my paw to pull out.  When I knock into it with my head I can’t open it.  I can still pull out the paper towels and boxes of trash bags from the forbidden area so other members of the pack can see how smart I am.  That’s fun, but getting at something to eat is what is really important.  And now I can’t, and it makes me mad.

I am hungry!

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