Ya Think?

Former Michigan head football coach Rich Rodriguez has told CBS Sports that you could look back and conclude that his leaving West Virginia for Michigan was “a mistake.”

Rodriguez had been successful at WVU, which was his alma mater.  When he decided to leave for Michigan, he earned the everlasting enmity of Mountaineer fans and became embroiled in litigation about his departure.  At Michigan, he quickly made some gaffes that hurt his reputation and, of course, his record with Michigan was dismal — marked by blowout losses to archrival Ohio State, a pathetic record in the Big Ten, and a crushing defeat in the Wolverines’ bowl game this year.  Rodriguez became the whipping boy for a huge swath of Michigan fans and was drummed out of his job after only three seasons at the helm.

So yes, I think you could fairly say that Rodriguez’s decision to take the job at Michigan was “a mistake”– just like you could say that the captain of the Titanic made a “minor navigation error” and Marie Antoinette’s comment about eating cake was “ill-advised.”

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