The Columbus Casino Breaks Ground

Yesterday the Columbus casino — which was approved by Ohio voters via a constitutional amendment in 2009 — broke ground.  Given the amount of rain we’ve had here lately, the assembled crowd of hard-hatted dignitaries probably didn’t need a shovel so much as a row boat.

The building of the casino at the western edge of the city’s metropolitan area has been delayed due to a long-running dispute between the city of Columbus and the casino developers about annexation and water and sewer rights.  Although the groundbreaking ceremony has occurred, it’s not clear how much progress can be made because many of the disputes remain unresolved.  There is a welter of litigation between various parties about various issues that is still to be resolved.

The delay is frustrating for many people on the west side, who look upon the casino as a chance to revitalize the area and provide some much-needed jobs.  I’m sure there are many west-siders who are hoping that yesterday’s ceremony means that the jobs, jobs, jobs that were the principal selling point for the 2009 constitutional amendment are not far away.

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