Tremendous Tribe !

To readers of the Webner family blog – for those of you that don’t know this already, Bob’s love for our sports teams, the Browns and the Indians is steeped in superstition, in fact Bob recently posted the following statement on his Facebook page in mid April :

“I am afraid to watch a Tribe game. I haven’t watched any so far this year and they are off to a good start. If I watch a game, will I jinx them ? Or have I jinxed them even writing this? Or have I jinxed them by even thinking this.”

And look what has happened so far this year, the Indians have the best record in baseball at 19 – 8, are leading the American League Central by 4 1/2 games, they have a thirteen game home winning streak and they just won their last three games in come from behind fashion over the Detroit Tigers.

So Bob the answer to your question is no, you haven’t jinxed them writing or thinking about them, but my question to you is can you go an entire summer without watching a single Tribe game ?

The Perfect Dinner

After a short respite at the apartment, Richard and I decided to strike out for dinner.  We headed in a different direction from where we had gone before, and at first it seems like a complete failure.  Most of the places were closed on a May Day Sunday evening, and the prospects were grim.  Ultimately, however, we found at place that served food.

To my delight, the only food they served was exactly the food I wanted.  That would be chacuterie — that is, meat and cheese.  One plate was filled with different kinds of cheese, and the other was filled with different kinds of meat.  It was exactly what I wanted — prosciutto, and dry sausage, and ground duck, and a combination of duck and pork pate on one plate, and different kinds of cheese — goat cheese, and Edam, and Camembert, and other cheeses on the other.  Combine them with a few Belgian beers (and here I’m thinking of you, Mr. Duhamel) and you have the perfect dinner.

Then we came home, and Richard taught me how to play a weird variant of seven-card Gin Rummy, and he kicked my butt in the process.  We had the windows of the apartment wide open, and were listening to the Beatles on the iPod as we heard the students of the Sorbonne pass by below.

It was not a bad night.

Point Of Purchase Advertising

Today as we were walking around Richard noticed this sign, which had been carefully placed over the order window of a take-out place on the Boulevard Saint Michel.  We both laughed out loud as we read it, and then I took this picture.

Apparently the owner noticed me taking a picture and thought it was odd, because as we walked away he came out, saw the sign, and removed it.  We were sad to have ruined the scheme of the unhappy customer — at least, we assumed that was the back story — but I also was glad that I was able to memorialize his handiwork forever.

Richard and I decided we probably won’t try this place.

Un Petit Dejeuner A Jardin Du Luxembourg

Today Richard and I planned to eat every meal outdoors.  However, our plans were complicated by the fact that today is Sunday, as well as May Day.  Many businesses were closed, which threw a bit of a wrench into our plans.

The view from our park bench

After waking up we walked over to the Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg), which are very close by our apartment.  Across the street we found a fine patisserie and bought the makings of our breakfast.  Richard chose a few apple tarts, and I decided on a croissant.  Then we went in search of coffee, which was a challenge.  The only place with carry-out coffee that we could find was McDonald’s.  We were a bit sheepish about going to a McDonald’s in Paris, but we really wanted coffee and we had no other options.  So, under the golden arches, we ordered two cafe au laits, grande.

Then we walked over to the Jardin du Luxembourg, dodging the many joggers and flower sellers who were circling the periphery of the park.  We found a place to sit that was just perfect, on a shaded bench next to a fine piece of statuary surrounded by flowers, and dug in to our repast.  The cafe au laits from Mickey D’s were surprisingly good, and the croissant was great — rich, flaky, and buttery.  Richard’s apple tarts were equally good, with a spicy apple compote tucked inside a slightly heavier, glazed pastry.  Say what you will about the French, but can we all agree that these guys know their baking?

The band at the Jardin du Luxembourg

After we sat, sighing with satisfaction at enjoying such a fine petit dejeuner in such a beautiful location, we noticed a band setting up at an adjacent bandstand and decided to stay and have a listen.  It was a 12-piece band with an odd assortment of instruments that included a xylophone, a piccolo, and a tuba.  They played an eclectic form of music that sounded like a jazzy version of oom-pah-pah Alsatian favorites, with the Austin Powers theme song thrown in for good measure.  As the band played a crowd gathered.  It made for a very memorable breakfast.

The Jardin du Luxembourg proves the value of urban parks as a place for memorable gatherings and communal activities.  It is a fabulous place.