Faulty Footwear

I’m a big walker, and I knew we would be walking a lot during our stay in Paris.  It is easy, and a good way to see the city as you move from museum to church to formal garden.

A few weeks before I left Columbus, my old sneakers gave out, and I went to buy some new ones.  I chose some black Sonoma shoes that are comfortable and well-suited to a jaunt around the Yantis Loop.  I am sorry to report that they have been a dismal failure as a Parisian walking shoe, however.  They simply lack the padding needed to adequately shield my large, very flat feet from the constant pounding of foot against pavement, foot against marble floor, foot against dusty path, and foot against cobblestone.

I wore the shoes on the day we walked to the Arc de Triomphe and the day we strolled to and through the Louvre, and by the end of those days my dogs were really barking.  I was afraid that when I took my shoes off, I would find nothing but bloody stumps.  So, I switched to some much less fashionable but thickly soled old brown shoes, and my feet are once again happy campers.

By the way, when your feet are killing you you tend to notice things like the lack of floor covering.  I say it’s high time that the French discovered the glories of wall-to-wall carpeting.

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