Cleveland Rocks

Tonite I happened to be at a birthday party with my friends who are Cleveland fans and we watched as Travis Hafner drilled a two run homer with two out in the bottom of the ninth and the Indians scored three runs to beat Seattle by a score of 5 -4. The win was the ninth so far this season by the Tribe in their last at bat.

In their past twelve games the Indians have gone up against seven of the top pitchers in the American League and are a respectable 7 – 5 after getting off to their best start in franchise history.

Lets keep that mojo going – Bob you haven’t watched a game yet have you ?

Shorts Weather

This morning was a milepost.  After months where jeans and the Vassar hoodie were minimum requirements of the morning walk with Penny, today I was able to venture out quite comfortably in just shorts and a t-shirt.

I tend to measure the seasons not by the strict terms of the calendar, but in terms of standard clothing options.  Who cares if, technically, it is still spring and will be until June 21?  If it is warm enough at 5 a.m. to be outside in shorts, then that necessarily means we have moved into shorts weather, regardless of the tilt of the Earth’s axis or the definition of solstices.

And so the shockingly white, increasingly hairless legs come out of hibernation and are exposed to the eyes of an appalled world, and the summer-long quest for some kind of tan begins.