2000th Post

The Webner House blog has been around for a little over two years, and this is our 2,000th post.  It’s a milestone that deserves a brief mention.

In those 2,000 posts we’ve talked about travel, politics, TV shows, music, Ohio State sports, food, and whatever else strikes our fancy.  Along the way, our little family blog has received more than 74,000 hits and almost 900 comments from friends near and far.  Those statistics are tiny in comparison to the popular blogs on the internet, of course, but we’re not trying to be popular — we’re just trying to stay in touch and share our thoughts.  The comments have reminded me, time and again, how the internet is changing the world and bringing even people who live far away from each other in contact with only a few keystrokes.  In any case, we appreciate everyone who reads our stuff and takes the time to leave a message!

I also want to thank Richard again for creating the blog as a Christmas present, because it has been one of the best Christmas presents ever.  I’ve enjoyed writing my submissions, and I’ve enjoyed reading about Richard’s European travels, Jim’s political perspectives, Penny’s incessant hunger, and the other topics we’ve addressed.  This blog has been a lot of fun.

3 thoughts on “2000th Post

  1. I as a reader a enjoyed it also. Thanks for taking the time to give us something to read and ponder for the day.

    Soap stacks????? that was a reach, but none the less entertaining. I hope Russ man made it back safe and sound and I look forward to seeing him at our family gatherings.


  2. I remember back in journalism school 30 years ago, lots of novice writers were striving to get their work published. Only a few of the brightest stars would hit that perfect combination of talent, timing and opportunity that would mean they could share their ideas with a larger audience. I think it’s really great that today, this opportunity is available to so many more people.


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