In The Days Of Hai Karate

Why do you remember TV commercials from 40 years ago, but not the name of somebody you met five minutes ago?  Who knows?  But for some reason this stupid Hai Karate commercial, featuring the dorky glasses-wearing guy fending off an excited young woman, is engrained on my neural synapses as surely and inexorably as, say, the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies.

What did Hai Karate smell like?  Why would any guy want to wear after shave?  And why would any guy want to use karate on some girl who was interested in a make out session?  The commercial left these central questions unanswered, to be carefully pondered by the confused, soon-to-be-teenage boy who was trying to figure out what was cool and what wasn’t.

The Penny Chronicles

My name is Penny.

Sometimes, the rest of the pack goes away and I spend a few days with a bunch of other dogs.  This happened just a few days ago.  It’s not that bad, really.  In fact, there is one thing about it that I really like:  they give me a little neckerchief to wear when I’m there.  This last time, I got a pretty pink one with white polka dots.  I really love it!

Don’t get me wrong.  For the most part, I prefer to go natural.  I’m perfectly comfortable in my own skin, and I know I look pretty good already in my normal, copper-colored coat.  And too much clothing would be a pain.  Why would I want to be fumbling with trousers when I need to answer Nature’s call?

Still, I enjoy being fashionable once in a while.  I think a bright splash of color around my neck makes me look even better.  It helps me to stand out from the rest of the pack, and I like that.  When I go for a walk around the neighborhood in my pink neckerchief, I walk with head held high.